Organising Committee

Meet our team

We are proud to say that In4Med has always been and will, once again, be entirely organised by students of Faculdade de Medicina de Coimbra.

We present to you the seven departments and the coordination of our edition, constituted by 61 medical students who are fully committed to bringing to you the enlightenment the IX In4Med aspires to achieve!


The permanent dedication of this team opens the doors to new faces and advertises this congress beyond borders! They spread the word through social networks, partners, ambassadors and even the media! Willing to enlighten you with all the information you need, we present to you the Communication Department.

Constituted by Beatriz Mendes, Joana Silva, Luís Fernandes, Catarina Ferreira, Marta Ferreira and Isabel Ramos.

The whole financial part of the IX In4med is carried out through the persistence and expertise of these people. They are the ones who raise the necessary sponsorships for In4med to happen and grow over the years. We present to you the Fundraising Department.

Constituted by Carolina Gomes, Ana Francisca Oliveira, Rui Pancas, Daniel Henriques, Maria Inês Andrade, Rita Figueiro and Carla Maravilha.

Everything that makes you recognise the IX In4Med by its visual identity itself was created by these passionate, motivated and creative minds. Some might say the sky is the limit, so these six aim for the outer space. We present to you the Image Department.

Constituted by Nuno Faria, Mariana Pinto, Ana Rita Luís, Celina Campos, Guilherme Costa and Pedro Neto.

This is the team that supports the entire event for you to have the best experience in this IX In4Med. From the human resources to food, they are the ones that you can count on. They will do everything to make you feel at home. They're the Logistics Department.

Constituted by Ana Gonçalves, Romana Fagundes, Sandra Cruz, Ana Margarida Penacho, Sandra Rodrigues, Francisca Magalhães, Cristiano Marques, Maria Inês Pinto, Ana Catarina Figueiredo, Joana Mendes, Ana Rita Silva and Francisco Oliveira.

Social interaction can be an excellent way to acquire knowledge and expand your ideas. This team works tirelessly not only to provide you with the best chance to enjoy yourself but also guides the speakers and ensures that they have a great time in Coimbra during the congress. We present to you the Public Relations Department!

Constituted by Cláudia Fernandes, Matilde Porto, Pedro Peixoto, Viktoriya Shkatova, Maria Leonor Geria, Maria Inês Serra and Josefa Guerra.

Nothing would be possible without the dedication and commitment of this team. Only with them, we can bring the magnificent speakers to this IX In4med. But there is more… each competition is organised in detail by each element of this department. We present to you the Scientific Department.

Constituted by Mafalda Griné, Filipa Sousa, Sofia Catalão, André Asseiro, Juliana Nogueira, António Silva, Maria Rosa Ferreira, Francisca Medeiros, Ana Carolina Mateus and Daniela Tavares.

This team brings another perspective to our congress by giving you the opportunity to actively participate in it. Indeed, they strive to thrive your medical practice skills by engaging and preparing preliminary courses and meetings that break out from the traditional board room in which you can learn, improve and build clinical knowledge. We are proud to present to you the novelty brought by this edition of In4Med, the brand new Workshops and Pre-Courses Department.

Constituted by Bruna Gonçalves, Bárbara Gaspar, Ana Francisca Ramos, Ana Filipa André, Bruna Santos, Bárbara Martinho, Beatriz Costa, Sara Meirinhos, Rafaela Paiva and Sofia Carvalho.

If all the departments can work together as one, it’s all because of these two, who guide and motivate the 61 members of the Organising Committee. Their leadership, confidence, commitment and passion are the driving forces that make all of this possible. We're talking about the Coordination of the IX In4Med.

Constituted by Teresa Martins and Joana César.