Doctor Crack My Case!

Test your knowledge with medical quizzes

Do you like medical quizzes? Do you want to prove what you know and win great prizes while having fun? Doctor, Crack My Case! is here to help you!

Our competition, with the support of Dr. Why, will have 10 clinical cases related to 10 different specialties.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn, test your knowledge, improve your teamwork, have fun… all in just one competition!

And if this isn’t enough to get you interested, if you’re in the top 3 teams, you have the chance of winning amazing prizes!

You just have to register your team of 3 friends and be there, on the 29th of February, remote in hand and ready to answer some questions!

Registrations are now open!

As if the challenge and amount of fun that Doctor, Crack My Case! will bring you and the friends you’ll compete with weren’t enough to convince you to participate, here’s another reason to do so!

These are the amazing prizes for the top 3 teams that will crack the cases we have prepared for Saturday!

Do you want to know more about his competition

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Warm Up!

Warm Up! starts now!

We have a new clinical case for you every Wednesday of November, at 9 pm!

It's open to all medical students and you must solve it individually, correctly and as fast as you can!

Click the button below to participate in this week's case!