João Nuno Gonçalo, is a 24 years old young gentleman, who has been diagnosed with “acute açorianitis”. However, he has graduated in Medicine, João believes that laughing is the best “medicine”. Beyond being a musician, he came out as a comedian in 2019, and alongside Stand Up Comedy he is a member of the sketches group "Os Cavaleiros da Távola de Queijos", scriptwriter and creator of the "Fala Agora" podcast.

The Coro Misto da Universidade de Coimbra (CMUC) is a cultural organism of the academy of Coimbra that has been found in 1956 with the main goal of allowing any student of the University of Coimbra to be able to sing in a choir, regardless of gender and faculty. Thus, it is the oldest mixed choir in activity at the Academy, having played an important role in promoting the involvement of female students in academic activities. Currently, this organisation can count on several students from the most diverse educational institutions in Coimbra.

The repertoire interpreted by CMUC is quite diversified, since it includes works from different periods of the History of Music from different cultures. For choral formation, CMUC has counted, since 2008, on the professionalism and dedication of maestro Rodrigo Carvalho.