Medical Improvement
The practice of medicine is unpredictable.
Every day, healthcare professionals are required to communicate with an ever-changing cast of colleagues and patients in different environments, circumstances and conditions. Doctors need to improvise.
Medical Improvement is the teaching method in which principles and techniques of theatre training and improvisation are adapted to the healthcare context, in order to promote collaborative patient care through constructive communication, cognitive agility and increased wellbeing. To help us, we’ll have the presence of Dr. P.P.P. Popcorn from Operation "Red Nose"!

Minimal Year Required: 1st
This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat
Trauma 101 By Cruz Vermelha
Do you dream about being a first responder? Would you like to be the first one to help trauma patients in dire situations? Well, this pre-course is for you!
Coordinated by the Portuguese Red Cross, it will introduce you to basic techniques in diverse trauma scenarios so you can help when the time comes!

Includes training in:
  • Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) approach;
  • Emergency patient extraction training using a long backboard with a spider strap, and more;
  • Proper patient transportation techniques;
  • START triage system;
  • Tourniquet placement.

Minimal Year Required: 3rd
This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat
Highway to heart
Have you ever wondered how to fix your broken-hearted patients? If you are interested in this field, this is the right opportunity for you! During this pre-course, you’ll be able to learn how to approach the patient with chest pain, AHF and arrhythmias, through a high-fidelity simulation!

Minimal Year Required: 4th
This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat
SOS Save the brain
Correct identification of patients having a stroke and their early treatment impact greatly the outcome of these cases. In this course, you’ll learn the signs you should look for and the correct way to intervene. Besides the first theoretical approach, you’ll have the chance to train with a specially designed simulator and practice your skills.

This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat
Minor Surgery
Do you like surgery? In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and improve some surgical techniques like suturing and removing sebaceous cysts. Come along on this journey to improve your skills and to compliment your academic curriculum.

This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat
Find the vessel and keep breathing
In order to practise the art of medicine, there’re a few techniques that a good health care professional must master.
In this pre-course, you will not only learn more concepts about intubation and central venous catheterization – two fundamental techniques in your future life – but you’ll also practise them thoroughly. Will you miss this opportunity?

This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat
Cardiac and Vascular Sutures
Sutures are one of the most important skills in surgery. If you’d like to learn how to sew a “broken” heart or any vessel whatsoever, your opportunity is here! This session will combine both cardiac and vascular sutures. Come and upgrade your suture technique!

This pre-course requires the use of a doctor’s coat