Marie-Roseline Bélizaire
Saving Lives in Outbreaks and Conflicts, an Oath that Bullets Can’t Break
Birgitta Evengård
Nature, Climate and Man
Claire Guest
Olfactory Detection of Human Disease: What the Dog’s Nose Knows

Dr. Marie-Roseline Darnycka Bélizaire is an epidemiologist, public health expert and Emergency Field Coordinator at World Health Organization (WHO).

Marie-Roseline has been on the front lines of both war and disease, having faced violent conflicts and even an armed attack on her Ebola response team’s facility, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite this, she continues risking her life to help communities fight outbreaks, from HIV to yellow fever to Ebola. Now, she’s helping in the fight against COVID-19, in the Central African Republic.

A specialist in infectious diseases and clinical immunology, also working as a senior professor in Infectious Diseases at the Department of Clinical Microbiology Umeå University, Sweden, Birgitta Evengård has worked as a clinician, teacher and researcher for more than 40 years, having under her belt more than 148 publications in peer-reviewed journals, writing/editing 11 books, being the author of 22 chapters, with an amazing record of 8300 citations. Most recently, she’s been focusing on the impact of climate change on ecosystems, followed by impact on the health of humans and animals and development of societies in the North and coordinating a Nordic Center of Excellence, clinf.org.

Dr. Claire Guest directed one of the first programmes in the world to train dogs to identify cancer by odour and published the first robust proof of principle study in the BMJ, in September 2004. Claire became Co-Founder of Medical Detection Dogs (MDD) in 2008 and is now the Chief Executive and Chief Scientific Officer. In 2011, Claire was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the development of new approaches for the detection of life-threatening diseases. She’s also a frequent peer reviewed author in scientific journals and has co-authored numerous publications on the detection of diseases by canines.

In 2016, she wrote “Daisy’s Gift”, published by Virgin books, about the formation of the charity and her remarkable dog ‘Daisy’, who indicated her own breast cancer. Claire regularly presents at conferences around the world, and frequently appears on international television and radio to discuss and promote the pioneering work and research of MDD.