Do you often feel like your course is not as practical as you wished? Do you find yourself wondering how you would react if you had to scrub up and step up at the emergency room?

The Scrub Up! competition will allow your team, composed by 4 medical students or 3 medical students plus 1 nursing student, to practice in a simulation environment where you can improve your leadership and teamwork skills, as well as your theoretical knowledge. Here your team’s ability to approach, treat and maintain a critically ill patient will be pushed to the limit!

These following prizes are destinated to the 2 great winners of the Scrub Up! The first place will receive tickets to the amazing SPsim congress and will have the privilege of participating in the National University Championship of Medical Simulation, and last but not least a dissection kit. The second place will receive scrubs for the all team!

Make sure you don’t miss this chance!