In4Med is a scientific and medical congress organized by and for students, whose main goal is inciting the interest in medical evolution, actively participating in the development of the medical professionals of the future.

In4Med is born out of the students’ desire to promote our personal and professional growth. For this reason, we present an excellent scientific program formed by three different panels, outstanding keynotes and a remarkable debate, whose protagonists are national and international speakers.

Beyond that, we host three different competitions, whose finals take place at the main stage. Whilst “Post N’ Speak” is a great opportunity for our participants to explore their investigation skills,“Scrub Up” tests their clinical reasoning and offers a realistic scenario in a simulation environment, and “Doctor, Crack My Case!”, a competition that allows our attendees to solve a set of clinical cases in a more enthusiastic, dynamic and educational way!

We also offer a range of extraordinary workshops and pre-courses, in which we enable our medical students to have a close contact with medical concepts and interventions that they will difficultly find in a classroom.

In4Med isn't just an incredible scientific and medical programme, it also provides a stunning social programme for our participants and speakers. At the Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner, our attendees experience the glamour and sophistication that our congress has to offer. This is followed by our Sunset, hosted in a casual environment, providing both participants and speakers a moment to relax.

The Convento São Francisco is, since its VIII edition, In4Med’s home and reflects the essence of our congress: our effort to motivate each participant, speaker and member of the organising committee to go even further and dream even higher!

This year our motto is "Take the lead, Risk to achieve".

Our motto reflects everything In4Med can offer our participants: the inspiration needed to step outside their comfort zone, chase their dreams, and become the medical leaders of tomorrow. In4Med focuses not only on showcasing the most recent scientific achievements, but also on developing a more humanistic and personal approach with patients.

Therefore, it is our primary goal to help every participant grow into the best version of themselves and discover a life with limitless opportunities.

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Our Milestones

These are some of the most important moments in the history of In4Med.
The Creation of In4Med

November 22th, 2011

On November 22nd 2011, the first edition of In4Med was held in a small auditorium, with only 50 attendants. There was one workshop and two panels, which the speakers were Professors from the Faculty of Medicine.

In4Med moved to the auditoriums of the Hospital

February 20th, 2015

In 2015, on its fourth edition, In4Med was held for the first time in the auditoriums of the University Hospital. This allowed for a great increase in the number of participants, and set the trend for a highly sought-after congress.

1st Post N’ Speak

February 20th, 2015

With the help of the AstraZeneca Foundation, the IV (4th) In4Med held the first “Concurso Fundação AstraZeneca”, a scientific poster competition, which would later become the Post N’ Speak contest.

In4Med in English

February 19th, 2016

As In4Med grew, so did its audience. In order for everyone to be able to participate and to enjoy the Congress, from In4Med’s 5th edition onward, English became its official language.

1st Doctor, Crack My Case

February 19th, 2016

The V (5th) In4Med teamed up with ‘Dr. Why’ (Quiz Software and Hardware company) to create a competition where the participants’ knowledge would be challenged in a fun and interactive way. They were asked to solve clinical cases and to answer multiple choice questions using brightly coloured quiz remotes.

1st Gala Dinner and Sunset

February 19th, 2016

In the V (5th) In4Med the Gala Dinner and Sunset became a part of our social programme, allowing participants to enjoy the city of Coimbra as well as gain knowledge and experience from our congress.

1st Welcome Night

February 24th, 2017

In the VI (6th) In4Med our social programme expanded with the addition of the very first Welcome Night - an occasion to welcome all to the city of Coimbra and enjoy a relaxing evening filled with entertainment.

1st Scrub Up!

February 24th, 2017

With the help of the SPSim (Sociedade Portuguesa de Simulação) and the Centro de Simulação Biomédica de Coimbra, the VI (6th) In4Med held the first edition of Scrub Up! - a National University Championship of Medical Simulation.

1st “Ready, VII, Go!”

February 22th, 2018

In the VII (7th) In4Med, “Ready, VII, Go!” was debuted. These interactive and hands-on workshops allowed participants to dive into an immersive practical experience, allowing them to learn and train in a variety of prepared scenarios.

In4Med moved to Convento São Francisco

February, 2019

The Convento São Francisco is, since its VIII edition, In4Med’s home and it mirrors the essence of our congress: our aim to reach each participant, speaker and member of the organising committee, inspiring the reality of tomorrow through the dreams of today.

1 st Debate – “Challenge what you believe!”

February 24th, 2019

In the VIII In4Med we included a debate in our scientific program – “Challenge what you believe!” – featuring the theme “iTechMedicine”, in order to deepen and discuss the reality of today and the future of medical care and education. We had the pleasure to welcome Bento Rodrigues to our stage, as the moderator, as well as Drª Paula Martins de Jesus, Drª Margarida Silvestre, Dr António Vaz Carneiro, Dr Carlos Vaz and Engineer Manuel Dias.

1st Special Edition ANEMIA

February, 2019

For the first time, our booklet was the work of a collaboration we had with ANEMIA, the NEM/AAC’s magazine, done for and by medical students. Here we could find all the information about the scientific programme, the speakers, the social programme, the organising committee and our main sponsors.

1st Competitions’ Finals at the main stage

February, 2019

1st Competitions’ Finals at the main stage This year all our competitions’ finals took place at the main stage in a way that allowed all our participants to watch.