In4Med is a scientific and medical congress organized by and for students, whose main goal is inciting the interest in medical evolution, actively participating in the development of the medical professionals of the future.

In4Med is born out of the students’ desire to promote our personal and professional growth. For this reason, we present an excellent scientific program formed by three different panels, outstanding keynotes and a remarkable debate, whose protagonists are national and international speakers.

Beyond that, we host three different scientific competitions, whose finals take place at the main stage. Whilst “Post N’ Speak” is a great opportunity for our participants to explore their investigation skills,“Scrub Up” tests their clinical reasoning and offers a realistic scenario in a simulation environment, and “Doctor, Crack My Case!”, a competition that allows our attendees to solve a set of clinical cases in a more enthusiastic, dynamic and educational way!

We also offer a range of more than 50 extraordinary workshops and pre-courses, in which we enable our medical students to have a close contact with medical concepts and interventions that they will difficultly find in a classroom.

In4Med isn't just an incredible scientific and medical programme, it also provides a stunning social programme for our participants and speakers. At the Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner, our attendees experience the glamour and sophistication that our congress has to offer. This is followed by our Sunset, hosted in a casual environment, providing both participants and speakers a moment to relax.

In4Med is much more than a medical congress, it also has a humanistic vision. Our goal is to awaken the mind of our participants to their surroundings, to novelty, to science and technology currently available, but also to the people, to humanity both in general and individually.

With 4 days of promised excellence, we intend to provide our participants with some pieces that can hopefully think out of the box, leading them to both intellectual and emotional growth.

This is how our motto “Defy the limits, break the norm!” came about.