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Recommended Medical School Years: 1st to 6th

Learn the pathway to solving challenging clinical cases…

Investigate, ask and learn how and what to think whilst analysing multiple clinical cases!

Recommended Medical School Year: 3rd

Required: Whitecoat

Do you imagine yourself in a simulation environment experience in basic clinical gestures?

You will find how to insert nasogastric tubes, bladder catheters and how to perform orotracheal intubation and peripheral venous access route.

This is a very sensitive workshop where you can have an opportunity not only to improve your interpersonal relationships, but also to be challenged in the process of self-knowledge in a search for continuous personal growth.

Recommended Medical School Years: 5th and 6th (adequate also for 3rd and 4th years)

Required: Whitecoat

Grab this opportunity to learn more about the physical examination of the vagina and rectum.

While having a brief theoretical introduction, this workshop was specially designed so you could practice on dummies and become a real master!

What are you waiting for?

Recommended Medical School Year: 1st (adequate for any year)

Have you always been curious about Portuguese Sign Language but never got around to learning it?

This is the workshop for you!

Prepare your clinical practice and widen your horizons by becoming more versatile in the way you communicate with the people around you!

Are you really missing out on this chance?

Do you want to learn how to make the perfect presentation and what mistakes you must avoid when presenting data?

This workshop is for you.

Whether you are presenting a clinical case to your colleagues or your thesis, you have to know what tools you have in your power to transmit your message.

Required: Stethoscope

Do you know how to manage thoracic or abdominal pain?

In this workshop you will acquire theoretical knowledge concerning the thoracic and abdominal physical examination and then you’ll be able to practice on medical teaching models.

The human face is extremely expressive, for it conveys countless emotions, no matter the words.

Understanding facial expressions and meanings is a resourceful skill when interacting with a patient, allowing you to identify what words can't express.

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Required: Whitecoat, Stethoscope

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn more about the several changes concerning the developing embryo or fetus, while providing the opportunity to practice the technique on medical teaching models.

Recommended Medical School Years: 4th to 6th

Do you get excited with the idea of helping deliver a baby?

Here you will learn the important steps for a safe childbirth in emergency situations, as well as basic life support techniques in pregnant women.

Do you get nervous when you need to deal with a psychiatric patient?

Don’t worry!

In this workshop you will learn more about several psychiatric pathologies and how to deal with these patients through moments of role playing.

When it comes to our society, sex is still taboo.

If you feel like you should know more about human sexuality and how to help your future patients with doubts regarding this matter, this is the right workshop for you.

Do you feel ready to deal with a bleeding nose?

What if instead of that, you are faced with an ear pain or a sore throat?

Don’t panic!

In this workshop you will gather the knowledge to deal with different ENT emergencies.

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Are you having trouble with interpreting electrocardiograms?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect workshop for you!

Here you can learn not only how to perform and interpret, but also how to get the right diagnosis on an ECG. Come and learn!

Come and learn!

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Required: Whitecoat

Recommended: Suture Kit

Do you feel your hands shaking when you hold the scissor and needle?

Fear no more!

This workshop will teach you the basics of sutures and give you the chance to practice and improve your skills.

Don’t miss it!

Can you discern what medical myths are true from the ones that are not?

This Workshop will give you a new insight into medicine and medical myths to help you answer that question.

Try it for yourself!

Recommended Medical School Years: 4th to 6th

Required: Whitecoat

Can you fully perform and understand an ultrasound exam?

If not, join us in this new workshop!

Here you’ll learn how to perform and interpret one of the fundamental complementary diagnostic exams, specifically a toraco-abdomino-pelvic and thyroid ultrasound.

Don’t miss this chance!

Despite the use of vaccination and other prophylactic measures, infectious diseases are still prevalent.

In this workshop you will solve clinical cases regarding infectious diseases and consolidate your knowledge in this important subject.

In this workshop you will learn how to help children overcome their fear of doctors, by learning how to talk to them.

You count on some really interesting clinical cases in Paediatrics!

The Portuguese population is continuously aging and becoming mainly composed of elderly individuals: with this change comes the responsibility to cater for their special needs.

In this workshop, you will know how to better take care of our elderly people.

Would you like to have an opportunity to learn medical techniques (eg, tracheotomy) in an emergency context and with the help of everyday objects of our daily life?

Do you want to develop clinical reasoning skills and be less dependent on complementary diagnostic tests?

Do you want to learn how to improvise in a medical context?

This workshop is for you!

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Required: Whitecoat

They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul...

Do you know how to take good care of them?

Be prepared to learn a practical approach to the examination of the eye - using an ophthalmoscope or interpreting a test with the Snellen’s chart!

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Learn more about sports traumatology with clinical cases of joint, tendons and muscle lesions, at the Centre for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Do you want to understand what it's like to live with Diabetes?

Learn to control hypo- and hyperglycemia and recognise alarm signals?

Come to learn this and much more in this workshop!

At the end you can test your knowledge with some clinical cases!

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Reproductive and sexual health is a fundamental right for women and takes a great part of gynecology and primary care appointments.

In this workshop you will be able to learn more about contraception, especially hormonal contraception, with the advantage of practicing the insertion of intrauterine devices and subcutaneous contraceptive implants.

Recommended Medical School Years: 3rd to 6th

Required: Whitecoat

Interventional radiology is a medical subspecialty of radiology using minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system.

In this practical workshop you will be able to try endovascular techniques and ultrasound-guided liver cytology and biopsy.

mprove your skills with the least invasive techniques, minimizing risks for the patients and improving health outcomes with safer procedures, lesser pain and shorter recovery time.

Recommended Medical School Years: 3rd to 6th

Imagine you are in the ER and up comes an emergent patient: what do you do?

Where do you start?

Put your clinical reasoning skills to the test with this workshop!

You’ll be able to test yourself through several emergency case scenarios.

Required: Whitecoat

Sepsis is a leading cause of death worldwide and is associated with increased mortality rates.

he progression from a systemic inflammatory response to septic shock can occur rapidly and its symptoms can be nonspecific, compromise an early diagnosis and delay critical intervention.

In this workshop you will be able to know more about septic shock, recognise its early symptoms and give the best support to your patients – how to monitor haemodynamic parameters and when to use vasopressors.

Recommended Medical School Years: 2nd to 6th

Required: Whitecoat

Otorhinolaryngology is a vast specialty whose pathologies have a high prevalence even in primary health care.

In this workshop you will be able to learn and try for yourself the clinical examination in otorhinolaryngology, since the ear and nose to the oral cavity

If this is a field of interest for you and you want to know more about pathologies as sinusitis, tonsillitis and otitis, then this is the perfect workshop for you.

Recommended Medical School Years: 2nd to 6th

Required: Whitecoat

Though most babies tolerate well the passage through the birth canal, some suffer an hypoxic experience and require additional help to establish normal breathing at delivery.

In this workshop you will be able to understand the physiological processes underlying apnoea, bradycardia and poor condition at birth after a hypoxic insult and practice the approach to newborn resuscitation.

Recommended Medical School Years: All

This workshop allows you to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the heart, with the help of ultrasound imaging.

Recommended Medical School Years: 3rd to 6th

Have you always been interested in learning and practising some techniques to intervene in extreme situations of acute suicide?

This is the perfect workshop for you! Are you prepared for this challenge?

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Required: Whitecoat

Recommended: Suture Kit

Sutures are one of the most important skills in surgery.

If you like vessels and sutures this workshop is perfect for you!

It will allow you to improve the basic techniques you already know and teach you new ones!

Recommended Medical School Years: All

This workshop will provide you with basic techniques for writing scientific articles in order to improve their quality level.

he benefits of publishing scientific articles will also be explored, while helping you decide where to publish for maximum impact and indicating the top magazines in each area.

Recommended Medical School Years: All

Required: Whitecoat

In this workshop you´ll learn the purpose of animal research and in vivo testing and be able to perform a necropsy by yourself.

Recommended Medical School Years: 4th to 6th

Diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, hair and nails has always fascinated you?

In this workshop you will learn about the examination of the skin and observable signs.

Does clinical hypnotherapy intrigue you?

Would you like to know what’s behind this technique?

Then this workshop is for you!

Learn and practice how to perform it and the benefits of its use.

Required: Whitecoat

Breath is essential to life and you can save one if you know how to intubate a patient.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn the practical approach of a tracheal intubation.

Learning the scientific method is an essential tool for anyone who is going to submit a thesis.

Know how not to make mistakes that can cost you your whole work.

This is an important workshop for anyone who has an interest in scientific research.

Recommended Medical School Years: 3rd to 5th

A practical 4-hour workshop where you can challenge yourself in emergency situations with the most fragile of the humans: the child!

Be brave, they need you!

Required: Whitecoat

Cardioversion is an incredibly versatile technique used mostly to reverse myocardial arrhythmia but also as a preventive measure against sudden death.

Come learn how to perform it correctly!

Required: Whitecoat

This workshop was designed thinking about all the pathology lovers.

Here you can make your own histological preparations and analyse a great amount of cuts.

Don’t miss out!

Required: Whitecoat

Anthropology is definitely one of the most daring sciences: Using only skeletons, forensic anthropologists can potentially determine a victim’s age, sex and ancestry, as well as identify physical characteristics of the individual that allow them to determine cause of death, past trauma or medical procedures they went through.

If you want to learn some of the methods behind these amazing discoveries, this is the workshop for you!

Eager to master the neurological exam?

Join in on this workshop and learn all the tips and tricks behind it!

Curious about the human brain and the mysteries behind brain surgery?

This workshop is right for you!

Don’t wait any longer, your neurosurgery dream can start now!

This workshop is perfect for anyone curious about the mysteries of sleep.

Allow yourself to enrol in a journey to explore the different pathologies that keep you wide awake!

Required: Whitecoat

Curious about the daily life of an investigator?

With this practical 4-hour workshop you’ll have a chance to manipulate cellular cultures and use high tech “Live Imaging” and the Scanning Electron Microscope to unravel their secrets!

Do you know how to manage burn injuries and patients?

What causes are more frequent and which types of burns exist?

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to act in a prehospital stage and in an emergency room towards a burned patient!

Recommended Medical School Years: 3th to 6th

Would you know what to do if there was an emergency trauma patient right before your eyes?

If you're eager to learn more about Traumatology and be prepared to save lives wherever you are, whether on the street or in a specialized hospital environment, here's your opportunity!

Recommended Medical School Years: 4th to 6th

What if a patient breaks a leg or an arm and you don't know how to use plaster or splints?

Here you have the opportunity to learn when to use which technique and practice them!

Come play like mummies!

Do oral presentations scare you to death?

Do you think you wouldn’t be able to talk in a congress, defend a master’s thesis or even present a group project?

Learn news tools to help you improve on those levels!

Did you know that approximately 1 in 68 people is diagnosed with autism?

And that that number of patients is increasing?

As a future doctor, don’t miss the chance to learn strategies to communicate and deal with people with autism behaviours!

Do you find it hard to explain medical conditions to patients?

Are you searching for new tools to improve your communication skills?

Then this Medical Illustration workshop is meant for you!

We won’t teach you how to draw but we’ll show you strategies to convey a simple message through drawing.

Since it is organised by a General Surgery Specialist, explaining an abdominal pathology won’t be a problem for you anymore!

Recommended Medical School Years: 3rd to 6th

Body Interact is a clinical simulation software intended for the education of Medical doctors, nurses and medical students, with the aim of improving clinical practice in several therapeutic domains.

Similarly to a flight simulator, it allows the users to practice clinical scenarios, based on real problems, in a safe learning environment, while interacting with virtual patients.

In this workshop you’ll enter into an Emergency Room where you’ll have to form a team and save a patient’s life. Will your team be able to win the “Virtual Patient Challenge”?

Prize: 2 months of a free Body Interact trial account so you can become an expert, forming your own team to help you!

Note: All participants will have access to a 7-day trial period, which will be available before the competition so you can practice!

Dating and relationship violence is a reality, albeit hidden.

These cases turn up in the emergency room and we don’t want you to be stumped.

As a future doctor, you should not forget how to act in these cases, because it is a doctor’s duty to provide informed assistance to these types of victims.

In this workshop, with the help of APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support), you will become more capable of dealing with this sensitive problem in today’s society.

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