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Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
The world of sports is not just about competing or winning. Athletes must achieve peak physical condition, even after devastating injuries!
This is where Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation comes in - constantly acting in the background, helping athletes maintain and regain their top form and function.
Unfortunately, these wounds are not exclusive to athletes.
Anyone engaging in physical effort or activity is susceptible to injury but is equally entitled to support so they can achieve their goals and be able to run towards their purpose.
Check the people who are helping them do so.
This is the time of celebration and pride in our true self and we want to be a part of that celebration!
It's a right of every individual to have their essence meet their form so with this panel we hope to guide you through the understanding of the process of Transitioning in the LGBTQI community.
Be it due to natural disasters, accidents, or violence, trauma is one of the leading causes of death in young adults worldwide and the handling of the person who is critically injured from severe trauma is an extremely challenging task.
By providing information from experienced sources, this panel will help you find light inside caos, so you can act quickly and effectively if you’re ever faced with the task of having to treat a severely wounded victim.
To that effect, we have invited these speakers.

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