"The human body is a silent witness who never lies”. In fact, the devil is in the details, but the thoughtful and dedicated investigation can unveil helpful clues that establish key information pertaining to the most varied forensic cases.

With the growing human rights advocacy, legal medicine plays a key role in the preservation of human rights through the identification of illnesses or injuries related to neglect, abuse, or torture.

We also can’t ignore the correlations between psychopathy and criminal behavior, which in turn carries medicolegal implications.

Join us in this journey of unraveling the mysteries a dead body can hide, featuring acclaimed experts in the legal medicine field!


Nora Sveaass

Psychologist, researcher and human rights defender, Nora Sveaass is professor emerita at the Department of Psychology, in the University of Oslo, Norway. She worked clinically and conducted research projects with refugees and victims of torture. Sveaass is the initiator and head of board of the Mental Health and Human Rights Info, and served several committees dedicated to the defense of human rights and the prevention of torture.

She was awarded the Amnesty International award in 2009, the University of Oslo’s Human Rights Prize in 2018 and The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav in 2019, for her work on human rights.

Silke Grabherr

Prof. Silke Grabherr is the Director of the University Center of Legal Medicine (CURML), Lausanne-Geneva, which is a multi-site center, located at 15 different sites in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

She is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva. She is a forensic pathologist, specialized in forensic imaging. Prof. Grabherr is especially known thanks to the development of postmortem angiography (MPMCTA), which is the most used method of postmortem angiography in the world. She trained many teams on every continent and published the Atlas of Postmortem Angiography, as the main editor. She is also Vice-president of the German Society of Legal Medicine and head of working groups on postmortem imaging of the German and Swiss Society of Legal Medicine.

In her activity as a forensic pathologist, she is an expert in many national and international expertises. She created collaborations with different NGOs, particularly ICRC.