Small People, Big Challenges

Experienced speakers on Pediatrics and Fetal Surgery

Our life journey starts as a fetus, thus we were already alive before we were born.

When we stand in front of a child, we learn how fragile, but honest and genuine beings they can be.

Indeed, when a child cries, we usually know there is an organic problem or they are in a hostile environment.

On the other hand, when a child smiles, the world jumps and advances as a coloured ball.

The truth is that hospitalized children lose much of their power and intrinsic nature.

That is why we need to make them feel like home by building a sandcastle in their minds and overflowing true happiness.

It is with honour and esteem that we present to you experienced speakers on Pediatrics and Fetal Surgery, noble branches of Medicine, living up to the motto "Small people, big challenges".