Small People, Big Challenges

Experienced speakers on Pediatrics and Fetal Surgery

Our life journey starts as a fetus, thus we were already alive before we were born.

When we stand in front of a child, we learn how fragile, but honest and genuine beings they can be.

Indeed, when a child cries, we usually know there is an organic problem or they are in a hostile environment.

On the other hand, when a child smiles, the world jumps and advances as a coloured ball.

The truth is that hospitalized children lose much of their power and intrinsic nature.

That is why we need to make them feel like home by building a sandcastle in their minds and overflowing true happiness.

It is with honour and esteem that we present to you experienced speakers on Pediatrics and Fetal Surgery, noble branches of Medicine, living up to the motto "Small people, big challenges".


David Grant
Consultant in PICU at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
Luca Mazzone
Co-Head of the Spina Bifida Center Zurich
António Pires
Paediatric Cardiologist at Coimbra University Hospital

Doctor David Grant graduated in Medicine from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and received training in Paediatrics both in South Africa and the United Kingdom. He later trained in Paediatric Intensive Care in the UK and Melbourne (Australia). He is a member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

He has been a Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children since 2004. His special interests are on Cardiac Intensive Care (being part of the only programme in UK to train cardiac surgical teams using cutting edge simulation to simulate cardiopulmonary bypass), renal support and Fluids and Electrolyte.

After starting working as Consultant in PICU, he began using simulation as an educational tool to enhance patient safety and quality of health care delivery, having collaborated with teams at local, regional, national and international level. Currently, he is the Director of the Bristol Paediatric Simulation Programme (since 2007), having developed the programme to become one of the leading Paediatric Simulation Programmes internationally. He is particularly interested in improving the performance of highly specialized teams and in furthering international collaboration and research.

He has been actively involved in national and international education and simulation as a Chair of Bristol Medical Simulation Centre Steering Group and UK Paediatric Intensive Care Society (Science and Education Committee and Simulation Special Interest Group). Dr David Grant is a Founding Board member of the International Society of Peri-natal and Paediatric Simulation.

He is a Past-President of SESAM (Society for Simulation in Europe), having held this position from 2017 to 2019.

There’s a lot to learn from Doctor David Grant, so don’t miss his lecture!

Doctor Luca Mazzone is a board-certified pediatric surgeon (FMH). Currently, he is Senior Physician at the Department of Visceral, Neonatal, and Fetal Surgery of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich.

He is a full member of the Fetal Surgery team since the beginning of the program (2010) with active participation in over 125 fetal spina bifida repair.

He became Co-Head of the Spina Bifida Center Zurich and hold the title of a FEAPU (Fellow of the European Academy of Paediatric Urology) in 2019.

He graduated in Medicine from the University of Zurich in 2002 and got his M.D. Swiss Federal Diploma in 2002.

After 2 years of general surgery residency at the Cantonal Hospital Zug, he began his training in pediatric surgery at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich (Prof. M. Meuli, Department of Pediatric Surgery).

He also held a clinical fellowship in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the world’s largest and most important center for fetal surgery from 2008 to 2010 and got Swiss Board certified in Pediatric Surgery in 2011.

His research activity in the Tissue Biology Research Unit, Children's Hospital Zurich focuses on basic research in the area of fetal surgery/fetal tissue engineering. His main research topic is “Tissue engineering of fetal skin for prenatal coverage of myelomeningocele”.

He is also a member of the Swiss Society of Pediatric Surgery.

You don’t want to miss this chance of learning with Doctor Luca Mazzone!

Professor António Pires is a Portuguese Paediatric Cardiologist. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg in 1992 and completed his residency in Paediatric Cardiology in 2005. As part of his medical training, Professor Antonio Pires also concluded a residency in Paediatrics, having worked in international hospitals such as Leicester Royal Infirmary, St. George’s Hospital and Royal Brompton Hospital. In 2015, he obtained a PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Coimbra.

Currently, he is a Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology at Coimbra Paediatric Hospital, being the Head of the Paediatric Cardiology Department since 2017. His particular interests are Hemodynamics and Paediatric Intensive Care. Professor Pires has taken a part of several courses in Paediatrics and Cardiology, namely in Interventional Cardiology.

Professor António Pires has been a volunteer in multiple humanitarian missions organized by Non-Governmental Organizations, such as The Chain of Hope, International Children’s Heart Foundation and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, developing work as Paediatric Intensivist and Paediatric Cardiologist. During these missions, he has helped children in various countries, such as Mozambique, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine and Angola.

Professor Antonio Pires is a member of the Group of Paediatric Reanimation since 1999, having become an instructor in Advanced Paediatric Life Support. In 2004 he also became a member of the European Resuscitation Council. Professor Pires is an instructor of numerous practical courses of Basic and Advanced Paediatric Life Support throughout Portugal and other European countries.

Professor António Pires has also a strong academic activity, being a Professor at the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and an invited lecturer of Paediatric Cardiology of the Curricular Unit of Paediatrics.

He is a scientific reviewer of the Portuguese Journal of Paediatric Cardiology and the International Journal of Cardiology. Professor António Pires is an author and co-author of several book chapters and other relevant documents on Cardiology.

Accept this challenge of letting yourself be inspired by Professor António Pires and join us on Friday morning!