Mysteries of the Brain

Unravel what's inside the human brain

We have all heard about noble organs, but none of them is as slightly intriguing as the brain, the one that defines everything we do and everything we are!

And it is the fact that the brain is full of enigmas that remain unsolved despite all the effort that’s put in its investigation, that we bring to you this panel: Mysteries of the Brain.

Join us in this journey of unravelling what’s inside the human brain, counting with the presence of experts in the neurosciences field!


Meet our Mysteries of the Brain speakers
Philippe Schucht
Department of Neurosurgery of Inselspital MD, PhD

Professor Philippe Schucht is a Swiss-French neurosurgeon who graduated in Medicine from the University of Zurich in 2002 and completed his residency in Neurosurgery in Inselspital (Bern) in 2010. As part of his medical training, he was also a Neurosurgery Fellow under the supervision of Professor Hugues Duffau at Montepellier (France) and Professor Mitch Berger at San Francisco.

Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital in Bern, where he heads the Neuro-Oncological Center.

From an early stage, he demonstrated his interest in neurosurgery, being a part of a team researching therapy options for spinal cord injuries while still in medical school. Since the beginning of his neurosurgery training, he has always been dedicated to the study of complex surgeries in brain tumours - currently, his clinical activity is mostly dedicated to the application of cutting edge technology to optimize brain tumour removal as well as to maximize patient safety during those surgical procedures. Furthermore, he is also devoted to wake up operations for control of brain functions during brain tumour removal, vascular neurosurgery and carotid stenosis surgery!

Professor Schucht founded the Swiss Young Neurosurgeons Society, of which he later became the honorary president, which is dedicated to the support of the education of young neurosurgeons in Switzerland. He founded, as well, the Swiss Neurosurgeons International, a non-profit organization that promotes neurosurgical education in developing countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam, of which Professor Schucht is the president. He is also a member of the Swiss Society for Neurosurgery, the Swiss Association for Clinical Cancer Research, the Swiss Glioma Network and the European Association of Neuro-oncology.

His favourite occupation is to explore novel ideas, technologies, far-away lands and mountain peaks.

You don’t want to miss a thing about Professor Philippe Schucht’s lecture, so join us on this thrilling journey through the depths of the human brain!