Extreme Medicine

Challenge your traditional thinking and defy conventional boundaries

From the depths of space to faraway places, more than ever there is a need to be delivering healthcare in highly complex and demanding situations.

So, we delightedly present to you our panel: Extreme Medicine!

This board will challenge your traditional thinking and defy conventional boundaries.

By bringing skilled experts to share their experiences and knowledge, we want to show you how to improvise with what's around you in order to deliver medical care where it's most needed!


Meet our Extreme Medicine speakers
Mark Hannaford
Founding Director of World Extreme Medicine and Across the Divide Expeditions

Professor Mark Hannaford, the founder of World Extreme Medicine and Across the Divide Expeditions, is one of the speakers for our panel Extreme Medicine.

He graduated in Geography in the Middlesex University in the United Kingdom and is now an Honorary Associate Professor at Exeter University Medical School and a Fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Arts.

As if that’s not enough, Professor Hannaford is also the founder of MSc in Extreme Medicine at Exeter University Medical School and the world-famous WEM Conference which aims to inspire medical practitioners to enhance their abilities in challenging environments and remote areas. It also encourages multidisciplinary work, new thinking perspectives and new approaches.

Professor Hannaford was the pioneer of breaking down the barriers between Expedition, Humanitarian & Disaster, Tactical and Extreme Medicine to create a new field of Extreme Medicine which seeks to share best practice across these fields, share opportunities and generate new research.

At last, but not least, and to inspire you even more, he was a special forces soldier and led expeditions and trips to all five continents with some of his photographs published in National Geographic, Sunday Times, Rough Guides and Telegraph. It also helped to raise over €120M for charity!

Stay with us and Professor Hannaford who will now lead our trip to the world of Extreme Medicine!