Special Keynote

Disaster Medicine in one hour

This edition, we’re committed to go beyond the scientific and technical concepts and try to inspire you. With that said, we present to you our Special Keynote - Disaster Medicine!

Counting with the presence of two speakers whose medical career has been specially dedicated to this field, we hope to enlighten you about the extreme challenges that working in these circumstances bring!


Mads Gilbert
Medical Director for Clinic of Emergency Medicine
University Hospital North Norway
Pier Luigi Ingrassia
Director of SIMNOVA

Professor Mads Gilbert is a Norwegian medical doctor and board-certified Anaesthesiologist. He graduated from the University of Oslo and became an authorized Norwegian medical doctor in 1975.

From 1995, he has been an acting Professor II in the Institute of Clinical Medicine in the Arctic University of Norway. He is also a Field teacher and trainer in prehospital emergency medicine in Trauma Care Foundation and Tromsø Mine Victim Resource Centre (Teaching and training in Palestine, Burma, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Angola, Iran, Tamil Ilam).

Currently, he is the Medical Director of the Clinic of Emergency Medical Services in UNN, Tromsø, Norway.

Regarding the humanitarian field, he was also a consultant in UN/UNRWA regarding Gaza/West Bank Emergency Medicine Planning Group. He was de Co-founder and board member of the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC) from 1982-1987. He also took part of Norwegian Palestine Committee from 1981- 2010 and participated in numerous medical solidarity missions to occupied Palestine and Lebanon (Beirut, Al Buz, Gaza and West Bank). Additionally, he engaged multiple missions to occupied Palestinian Territories, the latest to Gaza from Dec 2008 to January 2009.

Furthermore, he won several awards and wrote the distinguished books “Night in Gaza” and “Eyes in Gaza” as well as many other book chapters and monographs authored and co-authored.

Professor Mads will enlighten you with, not only one but two inspiring lectures!

His notable career and contributions to the emergency medicine and humanitarian fields are extremely noteworthy.

During the Extreme Medicine panel he will approach his special interest in hypothermia and his remarkable experience and training in prehospital emergency medical care in remote areas in sub-Arctic Norway.

During the Special Keynote – Disaster Medicine in one hour, he will speak about the medical conditions in Gaza and will bring us an insight vision of the conflict zone and the challenges he had to face.

Do you feel the chills (and we’re not even in sub-Arctic Norway!), already? Just wait for Professor Gilbert’s lectures, they won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Dr. Pier Luigi Ingrassia graduated in Medicine from Università degli Studi di Palermo in 2001 and completed his residency in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in 2006. He also obtained a PhD in Experimental and Clinical Medicine (Disaster Medicine and Education) from Università del Piemonte Orientale in 2006 and a Master in Disaster Medicine.

Currently, he is the director of SIMNOVA – Interdepartmental Center for Innovative Didactics and Simulation in Medicine and Health Professions at the Università del Piemonte Orientale in Novara, Italy, where he is also doing research in the field of simulation-based learning and teaching, particularly in disaster medicine.

Dr. Pier has had a great interest in Emergency Medicine and Disaster response, having participated in several short courses on emergency response, as well as in the organization of practical courses in these areas. He has vast experience in managing partnerships in the preparedness of teams and response to health emergencies.

He has also cooperated with the World Health Organization as a technical officer for Emergency Medical Systems and Hospital System for the Regional Office for Europe.

He has also been a part of several national and international missions following multiple crises, being involved in projects in Albania, Romania and Macedonia.

He was the Secretary and President of the EMDM Alumni Association 2005 - 2009 and is an active member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Medical Simulation (SIMMED).

Dr. Pier has been a speaker in many national and international scientific congresses.

In 2019 he was elected Secretary of SESAM, where he expects to stimulate and unite European health professionals through simulation.