Organising Committee

Meet Our Departments

The people who are creating this experience for you!

Communication Department

This is the department that wants you to know In4Med by heart!

They find partners and Ambassadors and run social networks to ensure you learn about our Congress not only by word of mouth, but also by word of Web.

They want to be the department closest to you, they're the Communication Department!

Image Department

The Image Department is the one responsible for everything visual in the VIII In4Med - they give colour, flow, and life to this Congress.

Their members are creative and tasteful, and work to give the best look to the achievements of all the other departments.

Fundraising Department

These are the people that allow In4Med to grow.

With their perseverance and tenacity, they raise funds allowing all other departments to be at their very best.

By finding the ones who help us with sponsorships, the Fundraising Department makes In4Med a reality.

Logistics Department

The Logistics Department provides support and sustenance for the entire Organising Committee, and for you, the participant!

They're responsible for human and material resources and, most importantly, for keeping everyone satisfied during Coffee Breaks and lunch time!

Public Relations Department

More than a moment of learning and self-improvement, this VIII In4Med is also about enjoying yourself.

Having you as its first priority, the Public Relations Department works non-stop in order to give you a personalized and premium experience.

Scientific Department

These are the people responsible for inspiring your presence at the VIII edition of In4Med.

The Scientific Department strives to present you with compelling speakers as well as exciting competitions and engaging workshops.

Fundraising Department

The Coordination team brings unity and cohesion to all other teams.

They oversee everything and make sure everyone is giving their very best to make the VIII In4Med come to fruition.

They’re the mothers of this project - they nurture, they dream and inspire, they offer a foundation and guidance to all the work put together by an Organising Committee of 52 people.

And sure enough, they will ensure In4Med comes to existence, as perfect as they always believed it would be.

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