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Brief explanation of what In4Med is and its major priorities.

In4Med is a Medical Scientific Congress, organised for and by medical students, with the main objective of promoting the interest for medical progression by participating directly in the training of those who will one day become the medical professionals of the future.

Our Scientific Programme is composed of various Panels and Keynote Speakers, as well as an ever growing assortment of practical workshops. Our Scientific Programme also hosts various competitions such as: “Post N’ Speak”, “Scrub Up”, and “Doctor, Crack My Case!”. These competitions present interactive moments that celebrate the outstanding in each category.

Other than the vast amount of scientific character brought by each national and international speaker, our congress is enriched with cultural moments through our Social Programme that promotes the interaction between our participants and honoured speakers.

“Already on its VIII edition, In4Med aims to bring innovation to the main stage by introducing new content and experiences as well as improving the quality, and continuing with our dynamism and continuous effort to make every edition the best one yet.

This year our motto is "Defy the norm, dare to transform".

Indeed, with this edition, our purpose is to promote critical thinking and to motivate our students, providing them with the best experience both academic and otherwise, by presenting new, out of the norm contents.

This goal is achieved by offering lectures featuring doctors and scientists of high international regard.

It is our ambition to take our students on a journey of knowledge and innovation, and to enhance their personal experience, by being nearer to contemporary genius.

We as aspire to challenge our limits and to bring about this Congress's biggest transformation.


What people thought

Here are some of the testimonies left by great people
whom we have had the pleasure to learn from.
Dr. Francesco Della Corte
Director of the Emergency Medicine Department of the Maggiore Hospital School of Medicine
"I will remember you all and your enthusiasm for ever. Everything was perfect and I enjoyed very much to stay with you in those days"
António Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations
“You have in your hands a tremendous opportunity to do something good for the world. Seek perfection!”
Professor Livia Eberlin
Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Texas at Austin
"I loved the conference, the people, and Coimbra."
Dr. José Fragata
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
"It has been a dear pleasure and an honour being invited for this outstanding meeting"
Dr. Daniel Horner
Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine Specialist
“We look for simplicity that allows us to choose our paths”
Dr. André Mansinho
Medical Oncologist
"I once again thank you for all the attention and congratulate you for such a nice event. Keep up the good work."


Our Milestones

These are some of the most important moments in the history of In4Med.
  1. The Creation of In4Med

    November 22th, 2011

    On November 22nd 2011, the first edition of In4Med was held in a small auditorium, with only 50 attendants. There was one workshop and two panels, which the speakers were Professors from the Faculty of Medicine.

  2. In4Med moved to the auditoriums of the Hospital

    February 20th, 2015

    In 2015, on its fourth edition, In4Med was held for the first time in the auditoriums of the University Hospital. This allowed for a great increase in the number of participants, and set the trend for a highly sought-after congress.

    1st Post N’ Speak

    February 20th, 2015

    With the help of the AstraZeneca Foundation, the IV (4th) In4Med held the first “Concurso Fundação AstraZeneca”, a scientific poster competition, which would later become the Post N’ Speak contest.

  3. In4Med in English

    February 19th, 2016

    As In4Med grew, so did its audience. In order for everyone to be able to participate and to enjoy the Congress, from In4Med’s 5th edition onward, English became its official language.

    1st Doctor, Crack My Case

    February 19th, 2016

    The V (5th) In4Med teamed up with ‘Dr. Why’ (Quiz Software and Hardware company) to create a competition where the participants’ knowledge would be challenged in a fun and interactive way. They were asked to solve clinical cases and to answer multiple choice questions using brightly coloured quiz remotes.

    1st Gala Dinner and Sunset

    February 19th, 2016

    In the V (5th) In4Med the Gala Dinner and Sunset became a part of our social programme, allowing participants to enjoy the city of Coimbra as well as gain knowledge and experience from our congress.

  4. 1st Welcome Night

    February 24th, 2017

    In the VI (6th) In4Med our social programme expanded with the addition of the very first Welcome Night - an occasion to welcome all to the city of Coimbra and enjoy a relaxing evening filled with entertainment.

    1st Scrub Up!

    February 24th, 2017

    With the help of the SPSim (Sociedade Portuguesa de Simulação) and the Centro de Simulação Biomédica de Coimbra, the VI (6th) In4Med held the first edition of Scrub Up! - a National University Championship of Medical Simulation.

  5. 1st “Ready, VII, Go!”

    February 22th, 2018

    In the VII (7th) In4Med, “Ready, VII, Go!” was debuted. These interactive and hands-on workshops allowed participants to dive into an immersive practical experience, allowing them to learn and train in a variety of prepared scenarios.

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