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Coimbra, a city full of wonder

Coimbra, a city with its own charm, has the oldest university of Portugal, which is also one of the oldest in the entire world.

Add on to the fact that the university, Alta and Rua da Sofia (one of the most emblematic in the city) were classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2013.

Coimbra lives for and because of its students, as the university houses roughly 23 thousand students.

Marked by well-established and emblematic traditions, the city is a reflection of times passed, but has also a bright look into the future.

The Joanina Library, Quinta das Lágrimas, the University Tower, the students dressed in the traditional garbs, and the Fado are just the the tip of the iceberg of a city that holds us and makes us say: “Forever, Saudade”.

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